My Purpose

This is the post excerpt.

Have you ever thought about your purpose in life?  Earlier in my professional and personal life, I never really spent that much time thinking about it.  After a tumultuous few years, I’ve discovered that I have three main purposes:

  1. To serve God to the best of my ability in my own way.
  2. To be the BEST Husband and Father I can possibly be.
  3. Help Others with Leadership and Personal struggles based on my experience and knowledge.

So Who Am I?  My name is not important.  I am a Christian.  I am a Husband and Father.  I am a Sexual Abuse Survivor.  I am an Experienced Professional in many aspects of business, especially Leadership.  I am a Cancer Survivor.

Hopefully, some of my postings will resonate with you and help you with an area you have been stuck or just improve the quality of your relationships, including the ones with God and yourself.  Let’s begin our journey!